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  • ZRE2376005C Regulator-Lp-Mmc2.4L Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800145446 AD56380138 ADVANCE AM56380138 AMERICAN LINCOLN CL1242392 CLARK DW400825-00040 DAEWOO GN215316 GENIE HN15HF-50020 HYUNDAI HN15HF50020 HYUNDAI HNXKCR-00019 HYUNDAI HNXKCR-00020 HYUNDAI HNXKCR-0019 HYUNDAI HNXKCR-0020 HYUNDAI...
  • AGA2330-2 Diaphragm Assembly Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005911708681 005913173081 005915115781 220074107 3066566 3115318 800064288 (SKU) AGA2330-2 ALGAS AGSA2330-2 ALGAS BMA23302 BEAM BMSA2330-2 BEAM BMSA23302 BEAM CL3725230 CLARK CL7003525 CLARK CT0973814 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT973814...
  • RE9101P5 Valve - Tank Service Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005910763581 005913173881 220024349 220038120 3058120 3132749 800042145 800124873 800144603 CL445693 CLARK CR340065-004 CROWN CR340065-4 CROWN CT0973910 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT0973950 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT973910...
  • IMPAV1-14-4 Repair Kit Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005910411781 005910545681 005911472981 005913172981 005913174181 005915115681 005915578781 220079907 3052003 3069660 800030342 800071973 800115156 800124869 AC4906962 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK AC4906962I ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK ACAV1-14-4...
  • IMPCA55-577-3 Carburetor 53Mm Flange Made to Fit
  • IMPCB-30177 Vaporizer/Regulator Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800128361 800139577 BMCB-30177 BEAM CT91165-03100 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT9116503100 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR HY1369571 HYSTER HY1399441 HYSTER HY1453772 HYSTER HY8504584 HYSTER IMPCB-30117 IMPCO (SKU) IMPCB-30177 IMPCO IMPCB30177 IMPCO...
  • IMPS8-30703 Sensor - Throttle Position Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800131165 BK7916451520 BAKER BKL7916451520 BAKER CL7004978 CLARK HY1572857 HYSTER (SKU) IMPS8-30703 IMPCO LI7916451520 LINDE LIL7916451520 LINDE SY58640 YT1572857 YALE YT580053229 YALE IMPS8-30703 Description Throttle postion sensor...
  • ZRE1994414F Mixer Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1242399 CLARK CT9372104500 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CTA000039777 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR HNYUCW-00135 HYUNDAI MB9372104500 MITSUBISHI MBA000039777 MITSUBISHI ZRE1994414 ZRE1994414F ZRE1994414F Description Mixer
  • ZRE2377000B Regulator Ld Dsr (Open Loop) Lpg Nc Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) IMPE2377000A IMPCO ZRE2377000 ZRE2377000A ZRE2377000B ZRE2377000D ZRE2377000B Description Regulator LD DSR LPG
  • SY384931 Hose Assembly - Lpg Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) NI17920-6G400 NISSAN SY384931 UK17920-6G400 SY384931 Description LPG assembly hose
  • SYLPG-42 Hose - Lpg 42 Inch Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800142596 (SKU) SYLPG-42 SYLPG42 SYLPG-42 Description LPG hose 42"
  • SY58978 Pump - Fuel Electric Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005910541881 800012918 ACHE0112018-00 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK ACHE0250091-00 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK ACHE0250646-00 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK ACHE40-2502601 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK ACHE40-2502653 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK (SKU) CL2809500 CLARK CT2W3265...
  • SY43101 Pump - Fuel Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005913474681 005917374081 0144752 3008915 800074724 AC8613271 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK CL328299 CLARK CL646094 CLARK CL7003392 CLARK CL850661 CLARK CL867091 CLARK CL886787 CLARK (SKU) CNY400V00401 CONTINENTAL CNY91F00401 CONTINENTAL...
  • SY59417 Carburetor - Gas Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 005913113581 005913270081 005915111781 005915572781 800010462 BRCK1315291 BARRETT CL1311926 CLARK CL1315291 CLARK (SKU) CL1316456 CLARK CT0062090 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT0971069 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CT62090 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR...
  • SY32139 Governor - Lpg Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800069180 HY0199934 HYSTER HY0274074 HYSTER HY0285112 HYSTER HY0321731 HYSTER HY0321733 HYSTER HY0340405 HYSTER HY0802970 HYSTER HY0804678 HYSTER HY199934 HYSTER HY274074 HYSTER HY285112 HYSTER HY321731 HYSTER HY321733 HYSTER (SKU)...
  • SY37913 Washer Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1235313 CLARK SY37913 SY37913 Description Washer Application C15-C20S(L/CL) C20-35(L/CL) Notes
  • SY37905 Washer - T Map Mounting Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1235272 CLARK SY37905 SY37905 Description Washer Application CMP40-50SL, CGC40-70, G60-70S-5, GC20-33P-5 Notes
  • SY37917 Cover - Valve Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1235408 CLARK SY37917 SY37917 Description Valve cover Application CMP40-50SL CGC40-70 G50-70S-5, G35-50S, G50S-70S2 Notes
  • SY37949 Trim Valve - Fuel Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800138773 (SKU) CL934338 CLARK CTA0000-31293 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CTA000031293 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR DWA403941 DAEWOO MBA0000-31293 MITSUBISHI MBA000031293 MITSUBISHI SY37949 SY37949 Description Trim valve Application C15-C20S(L/CL)...
  • SY37947 Throttle Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800142385 BQ0280750148 BOSCH (SKU) CL934334 CLARK DWA343004 DAEWOO SY37947 SY37947 Description Trim valve Application C15-C20S(L/CL) C20-35(L/CL), GC30-32P-5, GC20-33P-5, GC15S-18S-2/GS Notes
  • SY37952 Solenoid Made to Fit
    Cross Reference 800138775 (SKU) CL934344 CLARK CTA0000-31581 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR CTA000031581 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR MBA0000-31581 MITSUBISHI MBA000031581 MITSUBISHI SY37952 SY37952 Description Solenoid Application G50-70S-5, G50S-2-70S-5, GC20-33E-5...
  • SY37914 Sensor Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1235314 CLARK SY37914 SY37914 Description Sensor Application C15-C20S(L/CL) C20-35(L/CL) Notes
  • SY37910 Sensor Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1235284 CLARK SY37910 SY37910 Description Sensor Application C15-C20S(L/CL) C20-35(L/CL) Notes
  • SY37940 Secm - Engine Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1240277 CLARK SY37940 SY37940 Description SECM engine Application C15-C20S(L/CL) Notes
  • SY37939 Secm-Engine Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1240039 CLARK SY37939 SY37939 Description SECM engine Application CGC40-70, CMP40-50SL Notes
  • SY37934 Secm-Engine Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) CL1239918 CLARK SY37934 SY37934 Description SECM engine Application C20-35(L)(CL) Notes
  • SY37959 Ecm - G424E-Dual Fuel Made to Fit
    Cross Reference (SKU) DWA333365 DAEWOO SY37959 SY37959 Description SECM Application G424E dual fuel Notes