5P8245 Caterpillar made to fit WASHER, HARD

5P8245 Caterpillar made to fit WASHER, HARD

Manufacturer Type: Aftermarket, made to fit Caterpillar, not OEM
Brand: Caterpillar
Product Code: 5P8245
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Spare part for Caterpillar: 5P8245 Caterpillar made to fit WASHER, HARD

5P8245 WASHER, HARD Compact Excavator Dozer Excavator Loader Paver Scraper 301.5 304.5 305.5D-CR 305D-CR 307 307A 307B 307C 307D 308C-CR 308D 308E2 CR D3 D3-LGP D3B D3B-LGP D3C D3C-LGP D3C-LGP D3G-LGP D3K-LGP D3K-XL D3K2-LGP D4B D4C D4C-LGP D4C-XL D4G D4K-LGP D4K-XL D4K2-LGP D4K2-XL D5C D5C Series III D5C-LGP Series III D5C-XL Series III D5G-LGP D5G-XL D6K2-LGP D6K2-XL D6R Series III D6R-XL Series III D6R-XW Series III D6T D6T-LGP D6T-XL D6T-XW 215 215B 215C 215D E70B 931 931-LGP 931B 931B-LGP 931C 931C-LGP 933 933-LGP 933C 933C-LGP 935B 935C 939 939C 953C AP1000 AP1000B AP1050 AP1050B AP1055B AP1055D AP650B AP655D AP800C AP900B SCREED 1020B ELECTRIC SCREED 8-16B 613C-II 613G made to fit Caterpillar

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