105R Link - Connecting Chain 100 Made to Fit

105R Link - Connecting Chain 100 Made to Fit

Brand: Forklift parts
Product Code: 105R
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Spare part for Forklift parts: 105R Link - Connecting Chain 100 Made to Fit

Cross Reference 220001267 3050507 800013391 800134440 AC4701705 ALLIS CHALMERS/TUSK BRCK606944 BARRETT CL606944 CLARK CL669188 CLARK CL669257 CLARK CL669327 CLARK CL669328 CLARK CL669697 CLARK CL669698 CLARK CT9I0017 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR ET151323 E-PARTS ET29177 E-PARTS ET29178 E-PARTS HY0021442 HYSTER HY0030419 HYSTER HY1152825 HYSTER HY21442 HYSTER HY30419 HYSTER HY3050507 HYSTER IN-3931 INTRUPA INE-3931 INTRUPA (SKU) INML-100R INTRUPA INML-105R INTRUPA KO4701705 KOMATSU LP789-100R LPM LP789-105R LPM LP789-3725 LPM MB9I0017 MITSUBISHI NICK606944 NISSAN SY100R SY105R TCCK606944 TCM TY00591-58798-81 TOYOTA YT220001267 YALE

105R ANSI No. 105 Pitch (P) 1.250" RollerWidth (W) 0.744" RollerDiameter (R) 0.535" PlateHeight (H) 1.180" PlateThickness (T) 0.157" PinDiameter (D) 0.375" OverallWidth(F) 0.794" OverallWidth(G) 0.910" Average TensileStrength(lbs) 24

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