35R Link - Connecting Chain 35-1 Cls26 Made to Fit

35R Link - Connecting Chain 35-1 Cls26 Made to Fit

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Spare part for Forklift parts: 35R Link - Connecting Chain 35-1 Cls26 Made to Fit

Cross Reference 005913737981 220011267 3052360 800009223 800012481 800065194 AD895101 ADVANCE BG111-067 BLUE GIANT BS80839000 BISHAMON CK895101 CLARKE SWEEPERS (SKU) CL2780765 CLARK CL664146 CLARK CL669142 CLARK CL669212 CLARK CL669282 CLARK CO33413-00 COLUMBIA CR074761 CROWN CR74761 CROWN CT2I3884 CATERPILLAR/TOWMOTOR ET29109 E-PARTS ET29179 E-PARTS ET40742 E-PARTS ET40848 E-PARTS FC5-831 FACTORY CAT HPBS80839000 BISHAMON HY0241475 HYSTER HY1151219 HYSTER HY1194295 HYSTER HY241475 HYSTER HY3052360 HYSTER INAPGP-1532 INTRUPA INAPGP-1897 INTRUPA INAPGP-2013 INTRUPA INE-3164 INTRUPA INGP-1532 INTRUPA INGP-1897 INTRUPA INGP-2013 INTRUPA INHP-723 INTRUPA INML-35R INTRUPA LP789-35R LPM LP789-3736 LPM MB2I3884 MITSUBISHI RA680-805 RAYMOND SY35R SY41834 TN14799 TENNANT TY00591-37379-81 TOYOTA YT220011267 YALE YT580015042 YALE

35R ANSI No. 35 Pitch (P) 0.375" RollerWidth (W) 0.188" RollerDiameter (R) 0.200" PlateHeight (H) 0.354" PlateThickness (T) 0.051" PinDiameter (D) 0.141" OverallWidth(F) 0.230" OverallWidth(G) 0.284" Average TensileStrength(lbs) 2,1

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