50R Link - Connecting Chain 50 Made to Fit

50R Link - Connecting Chain 50 Made to Fit

Brand: Forklift parts
Product Code: 50R
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Spare part for Forklift parts: 50R Link - Connecting Chain 50 Made to Fit

Cross Reference 220011258 3052343 800028671 800127373 BK000974 BAKER BK974 BAKER BK988213 BAKER BKS50 BAKER CL660231 CLARK CR076902-003 CROWN CR076902-3 CROWN CR3B2343 CROWN CR3BC86706 CROWN CR76902-003 CROWN CR76902-3 CROWN EW1HW10457 EPW HY0030405 HYSTER HY0239150 HYSTER HY1152822 HYSTER HY2045470 HYSTER HY239150 HYSTER HY2793625 HYSTER HY30405 HYSTER HY3052343 HYSTER HY6750702 HYSTER INE-2534 INTRUPA INML-50C INTRUPA INML-50R INTRUPA LI000974 LINDE LI974 LINDE LI988213 LINDE LIS50 LINDE LP789-3735 LPM MH00537280 MINUTEMAN SWEEPER PB00537280 POWER BOSS SY28-103450 SY28610 SY50-R SY50R SYSY50R (SKU) TF7001973 TAILIFT TY00591-37285-81 TOYOTA YT220011258 YALE YT220170303 YALE YT500905200 YALE

50R ANSI No. 50 Pitch (P) 0.625" RollerWidth (W) 0.375" RollerDiameter (R) 0.400" PlateHeight (H) 0.579" PlateThickness (T) 0.080" PinDiameter (D) 0.200" OverallWidth(F) 0.401" OverallWidth(G) 0.450" Average TensileStrength(lbs) 6,1

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