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  • Baldwin PT119-5 Special Fluid Filter Element
    Weight: 3.65 LBSG&T Engine Parts authorized Baldwin Filter Dealer offering their full line of filters for the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. If your req..

Working fluids are contaminated during the operation of hydraulic systems. Foreign particles can turn up in oils and water at the assembly, and also at instruments and equipment  service. Special Baldwin Fluid Filters allow mechanism to work smoothly and efficiently. As a result, the equipment operating term will be longer and more productive.

At our store you can buy deep cleaning Baldwin Fluid Filters. They are intended to clean oils in hydraulic systems, remove water, heat, gas and solid particles. The desired filtering system is determined assuming from nominal flow of the working fluid, its viscosity, pressure, as well as other necessary parameters.

What do high degree purity of industrial hydraulic systems give?

·         Production efficiency - "pure" systems are more productive.

·         Prevention of premature equipment failure - assessment of the equipment by controlling the level of hydraulic fluid contamination.

·         Reduced downtime - due to the gradual control of the hydraulic system status.

·         Increased safety - by preventing premature equipment failure.

·         Reduced operating costs and production costs - by increasing resource of hydraulic units.

·         Lower costs for repairing - due to reduced downtime.

There are three reasons contamination in the hydraulic fluid and hydraulic systems:

·         Installation works - assembly of hydraulic systems or replacement of their elements.

·         hydraulic system operation - natural wear of hydraulic components.

·         Contamination of the hydraulic fluid from outside - the dust, moisture, replacing the hydraulic fluid.

Baldwin Fluid Filters allow to maintain a high level of purity of industrial hydraulic systems. This, in turn, will increase the life of the equipment.