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The Detroit Diesel Series 71 has from 1 to 6 cylinders. It also has V-types configuration with 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 cylinders. It is a two-stroke diesel engine . At first the 6-cylinder engine series 71 was provided in 1938, when Detroit Diesel Engine was a division of General Motors. The V-type configuration first was introduced in 1957.The name of the series means volume per cylinder in cubic inches. The structure of engines series 71 was so good, that they are produced today. We can take engine series 71 introduced in 1950, install updated head, an electronic control system and it will be modern engine. In-line engines have the next designation: quantity of cylinders, dash, name of the series. V-types engines have the next designation: quantity of cylinders, the letter "V" (it means V - shaped design unit), name of the series. Letter "T" means turbocharging presence. Detroit diesel Series 71 is very popular in military industry, petroleum industry, industrial equipment etc. “G&T Engine Parts” proposes original spare parts Series 71 with high quality and low prices.