Undercarriage Parts

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Caterpillar offers Undercarriage Parts designed for specialized equipment. Enterprises engaged in construction and mining can solve a number of problems with the help of them. They can be used as a basis for the creation of various vehicles, including trucks, tow trucks, tankers, lubricating cars, and so on.

Caterpillar Undercarriage Parts can be used for mounting a wide range of different equipment and add-ons:  cranes, derricks and hoists for service lines electro - transmission, fire pumps, shift shops and buses, fuel and vacuum tanks, special evacuation systems of damaged vehicles.

Using of frame articulated Undercarriage Parts provides cross-country CAT vehicles a number of significant advantages. These machines have a much smaller turning radius, a low gravity center, ideal weight distribution, the possibility of using a wide wheel with large area of contact with the surface. So, the car will move even in the most complex and impenetrable areas. The device with active rotation due to the folding sections allows you to expand the corridor in marshy surface, thereby increasing the survival rate in off-road conditions.

 You can order a special chassis in versions: tippers, tank, tanker, fire truck with a vacuum rapid diversion of water from reservoirs system, drilling rig, shift car, rescue vehicle. Thus, the application of Caterpillar Undercarriage Parts helps to transport people, deliver all kinds of cargos and special equipment, even to the places, where there are no roads.