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You can think that the leak is a little problem, but sometimes it leads to  serious effects: low system performance, system pollution and also damage of the main units. That is why the Caterpillar seals, gaskets and O-Rings must have high quality and durability. O-Rings are designed to meet the high requirements of Caterpillar. Engineers cooperatively work with the designers of engines and machines. They determine the most suitable sealing technology for each connection. The company uses systematic approach to the design of connections. Caterpillar O-Rings are very reliable. They combine usage of special materials, analysis of operating experience and advanced manufacturing processes.

“G&T Engine Parts” offers Caterpillar O-rings, the best mechanical gaskets in the world.  They can withstand the hardest conditions. O - Rings are used in different Caterpillar equipment, machines and power systems.