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Caterpillar Filters are the most common parts of the world famous manufacturer. They have high quality and reliability for cleaning air, motor and hydraulic oil, fuel, antifreeze, etc. Any modern diesel engine can’t work without those filters.

They are also applied in the marine engines and diesel generators.

Caterpillar Air Filter is the most important filter! It has various constructions, filter materials and the gluing technology. Caterpillar Air Filter is engine protector from dust particles and dirt. It is usually applied with insert - secondary air filter element.

Caterpillar Oil filter cleans engine oil from variety abrasive particles, including wear debris. Caterpillar Oil filter is replaced every time you change the engine oil.

Caterpillar Fuel filter used for filtering diesel oil. Filtering diesel oil is a complicated process, because it always contains condensate (water). There are two main types of Caterpillar Fuel filter - fine filter and coarse filter. The latter should have the kind of separation technology and recycling of water before hit the fuel fine filter. Sometimes coarse filter fuel is called a fuel separator.

Also in this technique other filters are applied - transmission, anti-freeze, various hydraulic filter elements, air vents, etc.

Today, the construction business needs reliable equipment for various applications. Profit depends on the smooth construction operation and accessory machines. Therefore, increasing service life of main units (engine parts, hydraulic systems) is the main goal. The first thing to pay attention is the quality of filtration. Your filters must protect machinery from premature wear. We can significantly reduce the additional costs for spare parts and repairs by following this principle. G&T Engine Parts proposes different Caterpillar Filters and elements of high quality at acceptable prices.