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Caterpillar equipment has the most powerful construction. The frame is made of high carbon steel. Caterpillar Cabs should have special attention, because the operator spends most of his time there. Relation to the company depends on the conditions of each employee. The ergonomics of the cab is very impressive. The operator has excellent conditions and maximum comfort there. It is a great pleasure to work in Caterpillar Cabs because they have simplified machine control and perfect visibility.

 The Caterpillar Cab is spacious and comfortable, it has reliable sound insulation. It helps the operator to have high productivity throughout the shift. The switches control the operation of the air conditioning and additional equipment are conveniently located on the right side of the cab. Key switches and arm fuel regulator control arm located on the right panel. The monitor is positioned the way to facilitate the perception of the information and maximize visibility.

By order excavators can be equipped with an air suspension seat. All seats have a large number of adjustments which are corrected according to the height and weight of the operator. Each seat has armrest and the retractable seat belt.

The standard Caterpillar Cab includes a system of forced ventilation with a filter that provides overpressure. On the right panel there are switch ventilation modes: outside air or recirculated air in the cabin.

Controlling mechanisms begins to work only when this lever in the working position. So, the operation became safer.

An unique large window in the roof with polycarbonate glass provides an excellent overview of the space. All glass is affixed directly to the cab without window frames. This fact increases the visibility.

The tubular frame with thick walls improves resistance to loads and vibration. This design allows attaching the system protection against falling objects FOGS directly to the Caterpillar Cab using bolts. Installation of FOGS can be performed at the factory as well as during operation of the machine. This ensures compliance with the general safety requirements of the excavator.

The main values of Caterpillar Manufacturer are performance of the operator and the  "human factor." All of these facts, ultimately, are leading to higher productivity.